Pottery Studio of Peter Skiba from Jadwisin

I have been dealing with pottery since the age of 16. As a high school student I used to visit the studios of Czeslaw Ambrożkiewicz and Siegfried Gajewski in Urzędów. Initially it was just a hobby of adolescent age. With time it became a passion and a way of life. I have been living with my family in Jadwisin for 18 years.

We make pottery on the potter's wheel. We kiln them for biscuit in a traditional earth stove. Then we cover them with safe for health enamels and fire in a ceramic oven in the temperature of 1100 °C. This type of vessels are stable and fully usable also for hot dishes. The shapes of our vessels and decorations are typical for the Lublin region.

We make typical folk products: pots, pitchers, bowls, other various vessels and also replicas of some vessels from different eras. We are famous for executing pottery for the film "QuoVadis" by J. Kawalerowicz. We organize special workshops and courses in pottery.

I also run a pottery studio in the Zespół Szkół Nr 4 in Lublin where together with children and disabled youth we make pottery. In 2006, thanks to the scholarship given by the Ministry of Culture I was able to collect materials for a book on pottery. The book titled "Pottery- The Five Elements the Art" came out by the Arkady publishing house in early 2010.


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01.07 - 08.07.2012
Workshop in English

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