All of the products are made on the potter's wheel or modeled by hand with the use of natural clay. What is more, this clay is independently gained by the potter in a traditional way.

Acquisition of clay

The clay must be dug in autumn. Through the winter and early spring it is stored on a heap, where it changes its structure into a homogeneous plastic mass because of the influence of the atmospheric factors: rain, snow and frost. In spring, when the water is added and everything is formed together it is suitable for work (previously people used to tread the clay on wooden floor with bare feet; currently special "cylinders" or a press for clay is in common usage). After relevant portions are whipped we make knobs from them and throw one on the wheel and then, we start the process of forming.

Drying the dishes.

Drying takes from a few to several days depending on the size of the earthenware and the type (shape). Drying takes place in the studio, where there are a lot of different vessels in various stages of drying and where the there is a high air humidity at a temperature of about 20 ° C. Smaller and medium-sized dishes after two days of are dried "upside down".


The Earth stove is heated by the burning wood and used in the first half of the summer for firing the biscuit vessels. Firing in this type of stove takes about 30 hours. Usually it ends up at night, because the final stages of kilning and the temperature of the stove is determined by the color of the flame. Dishes are kilned at the temperature from 900 to1000 ° C.

The Biscuit wares are enameled and kilned again at the temperature about 1100 ° C, and only then, the vessels become fully usable. In the studio we use the enamels from the Institute of Glass and Ceramics in Warsaw because they are unleaded and safe for health. 


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