Pottery courses


  • supervision of the Master of Arts- Piotr Skiba
  • professional workshop from the 1st to the 7th of July 2012
  • knowledge of the history of Polish pottery and culture throughout ages
  • general knowledge about pottery and learning the basic techniques
  • unlimited hours of work/practice
  • knowledge of traditional Polish methods of preparing clay
  • working on a traditional wooden potter’s wheel and also work on the modern ones
  • ameling pots
  • a possibility to take all your works home!
  • through the whole workshop
  • presence of a professional Polish-English interpreter
  • a one day trip to some famous places in our region (Lublin, Kazimierz Dolny, Nałęczów, Puławy) (the 8th of July)
  • traditional Polish cuisine and accommodation in the Potter`s house

Prices for the whole week:

accommodation 120 140
course 320 365
total 440 505

There is also a possibilty to go for a one-day trip in this region. The tour would include places like: Lublin, Nalęczów, Kazimierz Dolny. The price for it is 20 £ or 23 €.

We invite you to participate in pottery classes, which take place during the winter or summer holidays in Jadwisin- on the potter`s farm (exact dates by arrangement). The course is planned for 6 people in the winter and 8 in the summer. The price for the course is 320 £ or 365 € per person. The price contains the costs of materials and kilning. The pottery is fired to biscuit. Additionally 10 articles selected by the participant of the course are enameled. All of the students can take their products home.

There is a possibility of accommodation. The cost of meals and accommodation is 120 £ or 140 € per week. The course includes: lectures and practice connected with working on the potter's wheel (6 hours per day) and 2 hours per day connected with: hand-made techniques, glazing, decorating, firing dishes and some important theory . After class, there is a possibility to mould individually.

In all of these cases, the price includes the presence of a professional Polish-English, English-Polish interpreter.

Jadwisin is located only 20 km from Lublin. You may arrive here by bus from Lublin (PKS East bus station) to Bystrzejowice III. Buses from Ruska Street leave at: 7:36, 8:51, 10:26, 11:15, 12:46, 13:56, 15:20, 16:36, 17:50, 18:56. All of them run from Monday to Friday. You should get off at the bus stop at the signpost "Jadwisin" and go towards the village (house number - 6). The course starts on Monday at 9 am. and ends on Saturday at 17 o`clock.

After signing up for a course you should send an advance payment in the amount of 350 zł on the bank account: 65 8689 0007 0004 4004 3000 0010. The participant of the course receives a diploma that can be confirmed by the Board of directors of the Association of Folk Artists.

During your stay you can also purchase the book " Pottery- The art of the Five Elements," (publishing house: Arkady), whose author is running this course. The book can be a guide in further adventure with clay. After the course, you can try to make your own pottery at home. There is also an opportunity to continue learning and consult with the Master.


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